The Rutlish Foundation Founding charity of Rutlish School, supporting educational achievement


The Trustee of the Rutlish Foundation is The Rutlish Foundation Trustee Limited, a private company limited by guarantee, Company number: 12372913.

Address: c/o Rutlish School, Watery Lane, Merton Park, London SW20 9AD.

The company is managed by a Board of Directors who are unpaid volunteers. The company Articles of Association state that the Directors shall consist of no more than fifteen persons, being Twelve Nominated Trustees and Three Co-opted Directors, with each appointment lasting for a period of four years.

The following each appoint up to three Nominated Directors:

  • The Governors of Rutlish School
  • The Headteacher and teaching staff of Rutlish School
  • The Old Rutlishians’ Association and
  • The Rutlish School PTA (known as the “Friends of Rutlish”)

Up to three Co-opted Directors are appointed by the Directors.

As of September 2020, the Directors of The Rutlish Foundation Trustee Ltd are as follows:

*denotes the Chair of the Board

Appointed by the Governors of Rutlish School

Mr P.A. Norrie*
Mrs C. Clift
Appointed by the Headteacher and teaching staff of Rutlish School
Mr T. Joyce
Mr J. Bashir
Mr P. Paliotta
Appointed by the Old Rutlishians’ Association

Mr G. Mills

Mr M. Stallard

Mr M. Waller

Appointed by the Rutlish School Parents and Teachers Association

Mrs R. Read

Mr C. Ardley

Mrs J. Kozary-Scott

The Co-opted Trustees

Mrs M. Barden

Mr S. Coats

Mrs E. Jackson

  • Want to know more?

    We occasionally have vacancies for Trustees. If you believe you have skills that would be useful to our aims, please get in touch with our clerk Mr Graham Mills:

    The term of office of Directors of The Rutlish Foundation Trustee Ltd is four years.

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