The Rutlish Foundation Founding charity of Rutlish School, supporting educational achievement

Current Scheme

The current scheme was registered with the Charity Commissioners on 22 August 1994.

There are a number of charities administered under The Rutlish Foundation.

In addition to The Rutlish Charity,

the charity called Rutlish School,

and the charity consisting of the non-educational part of The Rutlish Charity,

there are a further seven charities, as follows:

  • The Disney Scholarship Fund
  • The Bennett Prize Fund, comprised in a declaration of trust dated 13 July 1907
  • The Frank Butler Prize Fund, regulated by declaration of trust dated 28 February 1963
  • The J R Blenkinsop Prize, regulated by declaration of trust dated 4 May 1971
  • The David Orton Prizes, regulated by declaration of trust dated 9 November 1973
  • The Mullen Prize Fund
  • The Crump Prize Fund

All the above are administered and managed together as one charity under the name of

The Rutlish Foundation.

Additionally, there is The Robert Stanley Heaney Memorial Scholarship which was established by trust dated 11 Dec 1992 and is held by and administered by The Rutlish Charity.

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  • Recent Rutlish Foundation grants to Rutlish School have helped fund…

    • Equipment for the DT department, Music and Art Departments
    • Attendance at the school by drama groups to support the English Literature curriculum
    • Attendance on study courses for modern foreign language students
    • Rowing machines and a trampoline for the PE department
    • Computer equipment
    • Subscriptions to academic journals and magazines to support the learning of RR6 students
    • University interview training for RR6 applicants

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