The Rutlish Foundation Founding charity of Rutlish School, supporting educational achievement


The Rutlish Foundation has its roots in the 17th century, being set up by a bequest from the official embroiderer to King Charles II, William Rutlish.

William Rutlish memorial stone, St Mary's Church, Merton Park

William Rutlish memorial stone at St Mary the Virgin, Merton Park

William Rutlish is honoured to this day by pupils of Rutlish School when they visit the ancient parish church of St Mary the Virgin on Commemoration Day each September.

It is thanks to the generous bequest of this former Merton Park resident that Rutlish School was founded and continues to enjoy a pleasant location with plenty of outdoor space in a leafy corner of Merton.

The support of local landowner and John Innes (whose former home forms part of modern-day Rutlish School), along with bequests from the families of numerous former pupils as well as other benefactors, also make it possible for us to offer a range of grants to applicants seeking support for their educational needs.

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