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Who can apply for a grant?

The Trustees of The Rutlish Foundation have limited funds available for making grants to students aged under 25 who are in full-time higher education. They may exceptionally consider older candidates.

Grants are intended to assist needy students taking full-time first degree or comparable courses at universities, or other educational establishments. Research students and those taking further degree courses may also be considered.

They are not awarded to students studying for A-levels, BTECs or part-time courses.

Applicants must have been born or be ordinarily resident in the Ancient Parish of Merton or have attended Rutlish School or a 6th form of which Rutlish School is part i.e. RR6 for at least one year.

The Ancient Parish of Merton is about a quarter of the area of the London Borough of Merton and is comprised of at least part of the following wards: Abbey, Merton Park, Cannon Hill, West Barnes, Dundonald and Raynes Park.

How often are grants awarded?

Applications for grants from The Rutlish Foundation can be submitted once a year, with awards being made after an annual round of personal interviews with applicants.

The form for 2023-2024 academic year will be available from 15 August 2023

Please read our Privacy Policy before submitting your application. Do not use an out-of-date form for your application. Students should be aware that late applications are likely to be rejected.

Rutlish Foundation Trustees meet to consider applications towards the end of the Autumn term, over Christmas and at Easter. New applicants are almost always asked to attend an interview. Interviews usually take place at Rutlish School or at The Old Rutlishians’ Association clubhouse in Poplar Road.

What are the grants for?

Grants from The Rutlish Foundation are not intended to cover everyday living expenses or travel expenses of applicants. They are intended to support students who can demonstrate their need for additional funds to help pay for essential extras including books, software, equipment or travel on visits that will assist applicants in pursuit of their academic study.

How do I apply?

Application forms can be obtained from this website once applications are open, usually in July of the year in which application will be made. Once finalised, they can also be sourced within this same time frame via the address or e-mail on the Contact Us page. Guidance on completing your application will also be made available at this time.

The application form should be downloaded, completed fully and sent by email or post to the appropriate address as detailed on the form.

In addition to a correctly completed application form, applicants must also submit a report on their progress and study/work in the immediate past academic year. We advise students awaiting an application form to begin the process of seeking this reference in the meantime.

For those leaving school, this report can come from their Headteacher, Head of Department, 6th Form Tutor or Teacher.

For those in Higher Education, this report can come from their Tutor, Lecturer, Head of Department or Director of Studies.

For those going back to education from work, this report can come from their employer.

The report should cover, where appropriate, the applicant’s ability and attainment warranting the course chosen, information on the applicant’s continued good conduct, educational progress and regular attendance.

You can submit your grant application form, with the report to follow later, but any applicant who fails to provide it before the Rutlish School Easter vacation is unlikely to be awarded a grant.

Applicants having difficulties obtaining a report should contact the clerk for advice at the earliest opportunity.

Grant regulations

Grants are made in accordance with the governing document of the Foundation (the Scheme) and are subject to the following General Conditions:

a)  The rules and regulations established by the Trustees
b)  The need for financial aid
c)  The Trustees being informed of any other Scholarship or award held by the student

The Trustees reserve the right to modify their regulations as the need arises.


  • Note on applications:

    Applications for grants from The Rutlish Foundation can be submitted once a year, with details of how to apply publicised here once they are available. Appropriate documentation can be downloaded from this page. All applicants should read our Privacy Policy before submitting an application form. Do not use an out-of-date form for your application.

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